Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well it's been another busy weekend but we did get quite a bit accomplished. Finally was able to do the landscaping to the front and side of the house and a little in the back. The front and side look awesome! We're so glad we did it! The back is a step by step work in progress! It needs A LOT of TLC! It's getting there though. Tomorrow I'm going to go birthday shopping for Josh (my brother) and work on the basement some. That too needs quite a bit of work but i need shelves for my holiday/storage things. It needs a good sweep/mop and vacuum too!! Kind of odd but i don't like when it gets gross down there even though it isn't finished....yet! ;-)

Alright, folding a load of cloths and switching loads over and emptying the dishwasher, then finally bed!

Friday, July 29, 2011

First Post

Well here it goes! I've been couponing for a few months now and have gotten better little by little. Now of course I don't do as well that the people on the show but we have definately save a TON of money! Right now my obsession is the Wegmans diapers! For one box, supreme or regular they have an $8 off coupon making them $4.99/box!! I think that's great! For what we pay for 1 box regulary is almost what i can get for 3 boxes right now!! I've gotten 6 boxes and will continue because i'm getting them in the 3,4,5 sizes for the girls as they grow!
I went to Home Depot today and priced lumber for Ryan to make shelves in our basement because my closet as reach capacity pretty much. Pretty proud of that! I'd day we've spend a total of $150 in all and that includes some that is in there from before i couponed!

First coupong trip! 5.11.11

First coupong trip! 5.11.11
I paid $16.76 and saved $18.41 - Walmart