Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well it's been another busy weekend but we did get quite a bit accomplished. Finally was able to do the landscaping to the front and side of the house and a little in the back. The front and side look awesome! We're so glad we did it! The back is a step by step work in progress! It needs A LOT of TLC! It's getting there though. Tomorrow I'm going to go birthday shopping for Josh (my brother) and work on the basement some. That too needs quite a bit of work but i need shelves for my holiday/storage things. It needs a good sweep/mop and vacuum too!! Kind of odd but i don't like when it gets gross down there even though it isn't finished....yet! ;-)

Alright, folding a load of cloths and switching loads over and emptying the dishwasher, then finally bed!

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First coupong trip! 5.11.11

First coupong trip! 5.11.11
I paid $16.76 and saved $18.41 - Walmart